Maritime Services Division

Maritime Services Division


The Maritime Services Division is a specialized executive arm of the Ministry of Transport, established to implement the regulatory functions and administer the provisions of the following Primary Legislation (Acts): 

  • Shipping
  • Oil Pollution in Territorial Waters
  • Pilotage
  • Cariage of goods by sea
  • Motor Launches
  • Droghers
  • Harbours


"To provide an efficient cost-effective Maritime Administration for Trinidad and Tobago; to ensure the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of vessel source pollution, and to facilitate the growth of the national maritime sector through the necessary regulatory, administrative, advisory and developmental frameworks."

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  • To ensure the safety  and security of Trinidad and Tobago ships worldwide;
  • To ensure safety and security of shipping in Trinidad and Tobago waters;
  • To ensure the control and prevention of vessel source pollution in Trinidad and Tobago waters; and
  • To facilitate the growth of the national maritime sector through necessary regulatory, advisory, administrative and developmental frameworks.

Functions and Responsibilities

●  The Division’s functions and responsibilities can be summarized as the following: -

●  Flag State activities relating to:

-    Registration and licensing of Trinidad and Tobago ships

-    Survey, inspections and certification of Trinidad and Tobago ships

-    Registration, examination and certification of national seafarers

-    Conditions of seamen employed on board Trinidad and Tobago ships.

●   Port State Control activities

●   The inspection of foreign registered vessels calling at/visiting ports in Trinidad and Tobago 

●   The control of vessels operating in the waters of Trinidad and Tobago

●   The establishment and maintenance of Navigational Aids (lights, buoys, beacons and lighthouses)

●   The issuance of notices to mariners identifying danger to safety of shipping and navigation

●   The detention of unsafe or unseaworthy ships

●   The investigation of shipping accidents/casualties

●   The grant of approval and monitoring of maritime training institutions conducting STCW courses

●   Maintenance of records of vessel arrivals and departures from Trinidad and Tobago waters

●   Issuance of Harbour Master’s Certificates (Clearances) to vessel departing Trinidad and Tobago waters

●   The direction and supervision of matters relating to wrecks and salvage

●   The safe carriage and handling of dangerous goods and cargoes on broad ships and at Ports

●   The adoption and implementation of International Maritime Conventions

●   Promulgation of National Legislation for international instruments ratified by the government.

●   Advise the Government on maritime matters.

Important Activities

  • Ship Survey - Flag State Activities
  • Ship Inspection - Port State Activities
  • Registration - (Ships & Seamen)
  • Ship Casualty Mitigation
  • Ship Clearances (Harbour Master Certifications)
  • Maintenance of Navigational Aids

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Office Times

  • Monday Friday - Except Public Holidays
  • 8 am. - 4 pm.

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Current Initatives

  • Upgrading of National Legislation
  • Transformation to Maritime Services Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (MSATT)
  • Establishment of a Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS)
  • Upgrade and Maintenance of Navigational Aids
  • Retrival of Wrecks
  • Devlopment of Maritime Transportation Policy Framework
  • Establishment of an Open Ship Registry
  • Ballast Water Waste Management
  • National Transformation Facilitation Exercises
  • Voluntary IMO audit supervision