Water Taxi Services

General Information

  • Boarding is closed five (5) minutes prior to sailin
  • Unused ticket may be used on seat availability
    They are valid for 30 days on a stand-by basis. 
    No Cash Refunds
  • Noo Sailings on Weekends or Public Holidays

One Way Fare

  • Children under one (1) year travel free
  • Senior Citizens of T&T over 65 years travel free on off peak sailings
  • Senior Citizens must present a valid T&T ID in order to obtain a free ticket

Sailing Schedule

  • Departing San Fernando
    AM -6:00, 6:45, 8:00*
    PM -4:30
  • Departing Port-of-Spain
    AM -7:00*
    PM -3:30, 4:30, 5:30
  • * Off Peak Sailings

About the Service

The Water Taxi Service affords the travelling public an exciting, alternate means of transportation between North and South Trinidad.

Travellers are invited to sit back and relax in comfort as our 41m high speed catamarans complete the journey between San Fernando and Port of Spain in under 45 minutes, with the added convenience of a drop off in the heart of downtown Port of Spain and San Fernando.

Locations & Shuttle Stop Service

Our Locations

  • Port-of-Spain
    #1 Wrightson Road
    Tel: (868) 624-5137
  • San Fernando
    Kings Wharf
    Tel: (868) 652-9980

East POS Shuttle

  • Independence Square
  • Henry St. & Queen St.
  • Duke St. & Frederick St.
  • Frederick St. & Independence Sq.
  • Central Bank

West POS Shuttle

  • Wrightson Rd. & Dock Rd.
  • Wrightson Rd. & Charles St.
  • Wrightson Rd. & Duke St. Lower
  • Colville St.
  • Ariapita Ave. & Stone St.
  • Park St. & Phillip St.
  • Park St. & Richmond St.
  • Independence Sq. & Edwards St.
  • Independence Sq. & St. Vincent St.

Savannah Shuttle

  • Repsol/BPTT
  • Marli St.
  • Queens Royal College
  • Emperor Valley Zoo
  • St. Anns Roundabout
  • Citibank/FCB
  • Memorial Par/POS General Hsopital

Shuttle Fare - $3


Shuttle Route Mapped

Shuttle Map of Routes